Geotechnical Investigations

Geotechnical investigations conducted by Geoton include:

• Geotechnical investigation conducted in accordance with AS 1726
  Geotechnical site investigation
• Foundation investigations for bridges, roads, buildings and dams to provide
  geotechnical parameters for the design
• Material resources
• AS2870 Site Classifications from single blocks to large subdivisions

Site Classifications

Geoton conducts site classifications from single blocks to large subdivisions.
The site classifications include:

• Assessment of general subsurface conditions at the site and consequently assigning
  a Site Classification in accordance with AS 2870 “Residential Slabs and Footings”.
• Wind classification in accordance with AS 4055 “Wind Loads for Housing”
• Soil laboratory testing

Wastewater Assessments

Geoton conducts the following wastewater assessments:

• On-site wastewater site and soil evaluation to determine the suitability of the site
  for the disposal of domestic wastewater effluent in accordance with AS/NZS 1547
  “On-site domestic-wastewater management”
• Wastewater system design
• Preliminary onsite wastewater disposal assessment for subdivision approval


Geoton conducts the following roadwork investigations:

• Pavement investigations
• Pavement evaluations and design

Landslide Risk Assessments

Geoton specializes in landslide risk assessments. Landslide risk assessments are conducted in accordance with the Australian Geomechanics Society (2007) – Practice
Note Guidelines For Landslide Risk Management 2007, Australian Geomechanics
Journal, Vol 42, No. 1.

Geoton conducts landslide risk assessments from single blocks to large subdivisions. The landslide risk assessments include:

• Geomorphological mapping and sections
• Installation of groundwater monitoring wells
• Slope stability analyses
• Recommendations for good hillside practices
• Recommendations to maintain or possibly lower the potential landslide risks


Geoton conducts the following dam related services:

• Hazard category assessment in accordance with ANCOLD Guidelines ‘Guidelines on
  the Consequences of Dam Failure’
• Flood spillway design
• Dam surveillance
• Stability analyses of the dam embankment
• Dam safety emergency management plan
• Pre-construction assessments including assessing the general subsurface conditions
  at the site for the founding of the dam; and determining whether the on-site materials
  are suitable for dam wall construction
• Tender specification
• Construction methodology and a preliminary works sequence
• Monitoring and maintenance plan
• Detail design plans and specifications

Quarry Assessments

Geoton conducts the following quarry related services:

• Source rock assessment in accordance with the guidelines of the Tasmanian Department of
  Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER) Specification G6 – Quarried Material,
  December 2006, and generally in accordance with guidelines prepared by the
  Crushed Stone and Sand Association of Tasmania
• Geological site investigations

Environmental Assessments

Geoton conducts the following environmental assessments:

• Site history searches and photograph interpretation
• Contamination sampling in accordance with AS 4482.1 – “Guide to the sampling and
  investigation of potentially contaminated soil Part 1:Non-volatile and semi-volatile
  compounds” and AS 4482.2 – “Guide to the sampling and investigation of potentially
  contaminated soil Part 1: Volatile substances”. The number and spacing of samples is
  in accordance with the minimum sampling points for the characterization based on
  detection of circular hot spots using a square grid, of Table 2 of AS 4482.1.
• Identifying any contamination on site
• Establishing an environmental baseline for the site
• Contamination assessment to classify the level of contamination in accordance with the
  “Classification and Management of Contaminated Soil for Disposal Bulletin”
• Decommissioning of petrol stations in accordance with the
  “Underground Storage Tank Decommissioning Guidelines Bulletin”

Geoton has experience in investigating for a broad range of soil contaminants including the following:

• Total Recoverable Hydrocarbon (TRH);
• Monocyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (MAH);
• Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH);
• Semi volatile Chlorinated Hydrocarbon;
• Organochlorine Pesticides;
• Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB);
• Phenols;
• Cyanide; and
• Heavy Metals.

Foundation Investigation

Geoton carryout foundation investigations for commerical, industrial and bridges including:

• Assessment of general subsurface conditions at the site
• Providing recommendations on suitable footing systems and geotechnical parameters for
• From shallow high level foundations to deep pile foundation systems
• Earthquake load parameters

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